Roche House

Located on Marine Parade, Seatoun, this altered family home can now take full advantage of its north facing seaside location. Large new doors from the upstairs living areas open onto the new north side covered deck and maximises the view.

The connection to the shoreline is improved with generous stairs, which lead down towards the beach. The Seatoun Wharf, a prominent local landmark and a great spot for jumping off, fishing and strolling along is well framed by a large new window. The client can now see the ferry arriving from across the harbour and leave just in time to travel into the city.

The project involved a complete reimaging and recladding of the house to better suit the surrounding seaside environment. A long barren area of paving leading to the front door was redesigned into an inviting courtyard space connected to the living areas of the house. New planting beds, two raise decks, one with a pergola, create a forecourt that is both welcoming and practical.

The planning constraints meant the site coverage could not be increased. The strategy was to reduce the size of the extra-long garage and increase the house entry and deck above by the same amount.

The alterations, deductions and additions have delighted our clients. They have improved the liveability, durability and aesthetics of the house.