Kapiti Coast House

Set on undulating sand dunes this house has been designed as a composition of solid and void, maintaining privacy from the street and neighbouring properties, and creating a focus towards the water and Kapiti Island beyond.

The house responds to its dramatic and variable environment, providing a sense of shelter but also a connection with the surrounding land and sea. The weather can vary from still clear days where Kapiti Island is clearly visible, to gale force winds and airborne salt spray threatening anything that is not fixed down.

The house consists of a gallery located on the primary axis of the site, acting as a link between the street and the beach. A primary two storey form accommodates the owners' day to day living, incorporating living spaces on the ground floor with the main bedroom area above. Large open plan areas interconnect to provide spaces where various functions can occur independently but also remain connected. Living spaces open to the sand dunes and view beyond, as well as back to a central terrace and pool area which maximises sun and privacy to all areas of the house.