Haliday House

Located on a stunning cliff top plateau in Ruby Bay just out of Nelson, New Zealand, the Haliday house sits low and light in the landscape.

Our clients fell in love with the location and moved to New Zealand to fulfill a dream and a lifestyle. Their brief called for a concrete house that would capture the panoramic views as well as being energy efficient. The house captures maximum sunshine and heat with a passive solar design, yet the internal environment had to be controlled so that it would not get too hot in the summer.

Early in the design process it was decided to make the house long and low so that its impact on the cliff top and local landscape would be minimised. The monopitched roofs make a welcoming gesture towards Tasman Bay and the vineyard behind on which the house is located.

Our clients asked for an office to work from that has a breathtaking view and a kitchen which would be at the heart of the house. The design includes a central exterior courtyard which is sheltered from the prevailing winds.

The result is spectacular: a home that works for our client and maximises its breathtaking landscape.

NZ Institute of Architects Award