Tawa Railway Station

The new Tawa Railway Station is part of Greater Wellington Regional Council and KiwiRail’s upgrade of Wellington’s suburban railway network. It replaces the original station that was beyond repair and no longer met the requirements of the commuting public.

The memory of the old building has been retained and reinterpreted in a contemporary way. The new form and scale closely resembles the previous station, but the structure and materiality are confidently new and contextual. The gable roof is supported on eight ‘Tawa trees’ that are ‘planted’ in the pattern of the original Tawa forests that once populated this area. Each is constructed from recycled railway irons, which reflects the branches of the trees. Semi-transparent wind screens are illustrated with historical images of Tawa.

The principles of crime prevention (CPTED) have been incorporated and the Station has a 100 year design life. The Station is also sustainable, by the adaptive reuse of the railway irons and traction pole battens over precast concrete.

Tawa Railway Station is an important new public building that was designed in collaboration with the local community. It is a beautiful, safe and enduring building that will serve the suburb’s commuters well for many years to come.