Emporio - Abel Smith Street

Emporio are commercial and retail coffee suppliers. Their new premises is a coffee roastery, espresso bar, distribution and training centre.

The espresso bar side of the business was to be secondary to the roasting and distribution process. Emporio were keen for customers to be able to view and understand their coffee roasting process, without getting too close.

A limited palette of ‘tough materials’ were required. The building was stripped back to its shell and sandblasted. Existing concrete was sealed and polished. Walls were clad in Eterpan sheets. Plywood posts with either perforated plywood sheets or toughened glass were added.

As well as creating an environment for a fully working business which had a ‘edgy aesthetic’ the behind the scenes requirements of dealing with the heat and smoke from the 30kg Petroncini coffee roaster and Lamborghini afterburner were to be accommodated.

It was decided to leave all services open and accessible for future servicing. So an aesthetic was developed which included stainless steel smoke flues, vacuum bean transporting lines, cable trays and water and waste piping.

NZ Institute of Architects Award